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Hideous Fish

You can tell that these guys are very vicious and can definitely protect anything, from Fort Knox to the best small business web hosting. Their teeth look especially nasty. Maybe they taste good with some bread and cheese.


Escaping pet baby eel

He's cute, isn't he? Looks like he wants you to help him. This little guy probably needs a home bigger than the one he has, but the tiny jar makes him much easier to place. Then again, maybe he just wants to send some email.


Sprouting Potatoes

The eyes have it! These need a bit of work before they're made into french fries. These tubers look like they're ready to be boiled, though...maybe to be a part of some kind of soup or mashed? Make sure you leave the skin on...that's the healthiest part! You'll definitely want to invite all your social network and blogging friends over!

Extracted teeth

I even threw some gold ones in there. Adds a little bling, don't you think? Then again, I feel sorry for the owner of these. He must have had a heck of a time at the dentist! But hey, maybe he can buy a website if he donates these!

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