9 Display Ideas to Show Off Your Miniature Art Collection in Your Home

Want to display your newly purchased miniature art pieces but have no idea how to do it in your home? The challenge that comes with showcasing miniatures is that, despite their cuteness or beauty, they are hard to notice, especially if you place them next to larger decorative items. For something so tiny, of course, you want it to be seen rather than hide it.

Worry not because this article will help miniature art collectors like you to make your guests appreciate our new house decors without the need for the use of a magnifying glass.

Here are some clever ideas you can use to give your miniature decors their much-needed prominence in your home.

1. Hang them in your windows

Who says windows have to be decorated only on holidays? Whatever the season is, you can make your windows look much more interesting by hanging your miniatures in them. You just need strings and hooks to get the job done. It could be a lot of work though taking them down though when you want to clean your windows. We had a window cleaner from http://www.windowcleaningconejovalley.com come in to clean our windows for the Christmas Holiday season last year (a little plug for Dru the owner for being so patient with me!) and he took down over 80 miniatures hanging in our living room and kitchen to clean the windows.

For sure, your guests will take notice of your miniature art pieces, especially at daytime when natural lighting highlights the beauty of your mini window décor items.

2. Place them on the windowsill

Another way to decorate your window with miniature art is to put the tiny pieces into transparent jars like mason jars or bottles and line them all up on your windowsill. A lovely sight, isn’t it?

3. Display them on floating shelves

Spruce up the bare walls of your room by installing floating shelves where you can display your new miniature pieces.

4. Place them in walk-in closets

Fill in the empty spaces in your closets by adding your mini art pieces.

5. Display them as a group on a small table

In your living room, allot a small table or a rack to show your adorable miniature art pieces for your guests to see up close and admire. To make them more visible, you can add an accent light for better illumination.

6. Convert them into fridge magnets

If their size allows it, you can attach magnets to the back of each piece and mount all your miniatures on your refrigerator. Better if you can form a recognizable pattern, something that piques the interest of any guest who will pay a quick visit to your fridge for some cold drinks.

7. Give them a prominent space in your home office

Your workspace at home does not have to be dull and boring. Make it come alive with a set of miniatures on display at your table. If you do not like clutter on your table, you can find a spot, like in a cabinet or shelf, for your favorite miniature pieces.

8. Form a wall art collage

Whether in your living room, kitchen, staircase, or even bedroom, having a wall decorated with miniature paintings that are mounted as a collage will definitely grab attention.

9. Display your miniatures in a shadow box

A shadow box display is a unique way to show off your miniature art collection. You can either create your own shadow box using wood, glass, and other material or order one online.

old printers typsetting drawer to display miniatures9. Display your miniatures in an old typesetter’s drawer

Back when printing was done with individual blocks of metal type, printers used large wooden drawers with many compartments to hold each individual piece of type. if the draw is hung on a wall, each compartment becomes its own shelf to display your miniatures. These drawers are real vintage looking and really add something to you collection display.

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