4 Interesting Facts about Miniature Art You Didn’t Know

You see those tiny replicas and you wonder how they come to be. Whether you are an avid enthusiast or just someone who is curious about it, you will find the following facts about miniature art interesting.

1. It has been existing a long time ago as an art form

Miniature art is neither a new art trend nor a form of novelty art. It is known for its intricate details and compositional strength that can rival any large painting. Although it may seem to have arrived just in the recent years, this fine art actually has been with us for ages. Its origins can be traced back to the 7th-century manuscripts and book paintings. Nowadays, miniature art works are often displayed in homes and offices.

2. A miniature can be smaller than 1/6th scale of an actual object

Amazing workmanship goes into each miniature art work. Isn’t that fascinating to know? The size 6×6 painting is a popular size for miniature works.

3. It takes longer to create than a large art work

Because of the intricacy and the minute details that need a considerable amount of attention and time to produce, miniature art can be more tedious to create than larger pieces of art. Isn’t it ironic given the huge difference in size? This is why only a handful of artists have the discipline, patience, and skill for this art form.

4. Miniature art pieces are so small they can fit practically everywhere

Got a cramped condo or apartment space where you cannot put as many décor items as you would like? No problem. With miniature art works, you can add a personalized and artistic touch to every nook and cranny of your home without worrying about fit.

Don’t these fun facts make you appreciate miniature art all the more? Stay tuned for our next list of trivia about mini art.

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